A unique way to relax

We created this toolbox with the best voice artists, composers and musicians in the world to provide you with a unique relaxation experience, one click away, in the comfort of your own home.

Why? Because you heal and recover the most when you’re in rest mode.

All you need to do is plug in some stereo headphones, lay back and relax.

What is in the toolbox?


Speak positive daily affirmations to feel empowered, break the loop of the past and reset your brain’s patterns.

Guided Meditations

Bring a heightened state of awareness and focused attention into your life with our guided meditations, and attract your dream future by experiencing it as if it’s already happened.

Heart Coherence breathing module

A handy tool to use for your breathing exercises in which you can set the time of the inhale / exhale and duration of the breathing exercise.

Visualization music

Empowering unique music tracks to help you visualize and experience your dream future.

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