Every morning, calculate your score

This score will be based on how well you're nourishing your body, and your balance between activity and rest.

You will get a total score for the day

The score is based on your needs, because everyone is different.

There are people who can run a marathon a month, and others recovering from a long illness for whom climbing up a flight of stairs is a victory.

At enVol we value you as you are, what you can do, and we listen to your goals, needs, and your abilities at this very moment.

This is why we created 4 teams with different physical capacities.

Team Cheetah (feeling healthy):

The cheetah is the world’s fastest land animal. They can run up to 70 mph and they can reach that speed in just 3 seconds!

This team is for fit and active users.

Team Salamander (recovering from a physical injury):

Salamanders are a biological marvel: they can regenerate entire limbs, a capacity for healing unmatched in the animal kingdom.

This group refers to users who are fit and active, but currently dealing with a physical injury.

Team Cottontail (not feeling on top of your game):

Cottontail rabbits are prey for a variety of predators, usually freezing at the first sight of danger. They run only as a last resort, but when they do run, they run fast. They need a little incentive to release their power and show their strength.

Choose this group if you are feeling healthy, but not on top of your game yet and need some healthy motivation.

Team Butterfly (recovering from a chronic illness):

A butterfly’s transformation from caterpillar to a magnificent and colourful butterfly is truly fascinating: the metamorphosis of an insect into an airborne fairy is the perfect metaphor for change, improvement and freedom.

Choose this group if you are trying to recover from chronic symptoms.

Collect medals and start feeling amazing!

The more you listen to your body’s needs, the higher your score. To congratulate you and keep you going, you get awarded medals.

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