About us

We came up with the concept of Envol after seeing many people developing chronic symptoms which affected the quality of their lives. When looking closer at our modern lifestyle and studying a vast amount of medical literature on the topic, we realized that health starts with simple habits that we can do every single day. Properly nourishing our bodies with healthy food, breathing in some fresh air, exposing our bare skin to sunlight, connecting back to nature, moving our body, cutting off on mental stimulations and getting in restful sleep – as well as developing a sense of gratitude for our lives - is ultimately an extremely powerful formula that will not only improve the quality of our lives but also sharpen our sense of purpose and overall well-being.

Julie and Tim's story

Julie and Tim are behind the creation of Envol. Julie’s health started to rapidly decline in 2015. She was experiencing extreme fatigue, muscle weaknesses, skin rashes, dizziness, and mental confusion. Julie ended up in a wheelchair for the next 4 years. Her medical treatment couldn’t help relieve her symptoms so she decided to follow the concept of Envol - in the hopes that it would allow her body to heal and repair itself.

With the help of her partner Tim, she completely changed her lifestyle. She started eating healthier, bringing lots of fruits and vegetables into her diet, getting plenty of sunshine, spending time in nature barefoot, breathing in fresh, unpolluted air, and switching from a place of victimhood to a place of empowerment - becoming someone who was taking her health into her own hands.

She started giving her body true rest with restorative meditations and honoring her sleep, and slowly getting in some light and gentle movement whenever she could. Rapidly her health started to improve. She no longer needed her wheelchair and could do more and more physical exercise each day.

Julie and Tim started getting their life back. They were astonished by how simple healthy habits could allow the body to repair itself. Naturally, they decided to develop this formula into an easy to use, motivating tool so that everybody who wants to improve their health could benefit from it.

“We started testing our friends first and manually calculating their score. Every time they had a low score, they told us that they didn’t feel the best, and a high score meant they felt amazing. They told us that they were much more conscious of nature and took breaks in their day to breathe and get centered. Our algorithm was born, and with it, so was Envol.

We then started to create The Toolbox which is a way to improve your score. The Toolbox is truly our gift from us to you. We poured our soul into it and gathered every single element that helped us heal on our journey, so that hopefully it can serve you too. Get ready to listen to a music that will open your heart and bring your body into coherence...Get ready to dive into meditations that will switch on your body’s restorative mode so you can heal and repair, while envisioning your healed self.

We wish you the best of luck and we believe in you”.

=> Follow Julie and Tim’s personal journey on Instagram on @julieshealing

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